Revitalize Your Space With Our Concrete Lifting and Leveling Services

Your home deserves to be complete! Our solutions not only restore safety but also add appeal to your property. We tackle concrete cracks, trip hazards, and drainage issues head-on.

Budget - friendly Solutions

20+ Years of Expertise

Customer-first Approach

Key Damage Control With Concrete Lifting and Leveling

An Essential Way to Ensure the Structural Integrity
Don’t let concrete damage stress you out. Fix it with Central Spray Foam and Cement Lifting’s concrete services! Enjoy a well-kept, damage-free home for peace of mind.

Lift and Level With Superior Concrete Solutions in Kansas

Renew Property Value and Safety With Ease
We fill the gaps! Our concrete lifting and leveling services tackle cracks, trip hazards, and bumps. We effectively address cracks, trip hazards, and bumps using polyurethane foam. Easily restore your property’s safety and appeal!



Customer First

Polyurethane Foam Concrete Lifting and Leveling

An innovative technique used in the construction industry to rectify uneven and sunken concrete. At Central Spray Foam and Cement Lifting, we choose this cost-effective choice for long-lasting concrete repair and upkeep.

Tackle Concrete Issues With Our Spray Foam Solutions

We can lift any settled concrete structures from sidewalks to driveways and porches. Secure proper drainage away from your buildings with guaranteed top-tier solutions. Each job is done right from the first try.
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